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For 10 years Paradise Properties Connection has provided a concierge service to off-island international clientele.

Dominique D'Aloia - owner and director of the company is well-known as a real estate expert and has lived in Antigua for over 30 years and has developed personal relationships in Antigua that provide sellers, buyers and vacationers with reliable service.

"My vision for the company is to make sure that our clients have the best possible experience, whether it be helping them with their property acquisition or renting our villas. We offer multilingual services in Italian, French and remain committed to giving our clients the best service, in all areas to help them relocate and get settled in Antigua."

Paradise Properties Connection Ltd.
Mail address: PO Box W635, Woods Center,
St John's, Antigua.
Office location: Temo Sports, English Harbour,
St. John´┐Żs, Antigua.

Tel. & Fax: +1 (268) 561-1563
Cell.: +1 (268) 725-4128

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